Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Did God Make It?

Day 3 is upon us. How's it going? Have you been exercising? It is supposed to be beautiful here today. I hope to get outside!

I have been getting lots of questions:
Co-worker over the cube wall: "Can I have this Crystal Light in my water?"
Mom: "Well, I know two things God didn't make - salad dressing and butter!! What am I supposed to do?"
Kelley, college friend: "My mom, sister, and I are trying to figure out...did God make yogurt? Call me! (implied: "Soon! WE ARE HUNGRY!")

First, let's talk about yogurt. I am a huge yogurt fan, so I like to think, "yes, God made yogurt!" :) But make sure you get the kind that is not mostly sugar! Make sure you read the label because lots of yogurt contains high-fructose corn syrup, which is a No-No!

Recommendations: Dannon All-Natural (cherry is amazing). It is located with all the other bad yogurts, just begging to be noticed!! (See its halo?)

Or Stonyfield Farm's soy yogurt. You will find this one in the organic section, usually with the milk. We love this one at our house.The other big question seems to be condiments. Yes, we used a little butter on our sweet potatoes and on our veggies so far this week. No, you haven't fallen off the wagon if you did, too. For salad dressing, go for balsamic vinegar or an olive oil/vinegar combo. Another trick I love is to use cottage cheese from the salad bar as my "dressing" - it works beautifully to tie everything together. Just think outside the box!

And flavoring chemicals - I usually use artificial sweetener in my coffee, but this week I have at least tried to reduce the fake stuff by half and use the "raw sugar" (the brown packets) they have at Starbucks and other places. Little changes, people! We aren't perfect!

Have you noticed in just 3 short days how Hard this can be and how many artificial "foods" we fill our bodies with on a daily basis? Wow...

Keep at it! Don't give up if you don't do it perfectly. Keep going. This is proving to be a great experiment and challenge for me. Hopefully for you, too!

P.S. - My husband on the night of Day One. My, how hard he fell! After such a good day, too...what, with his lunch of waffle fries and sweet tea!


Orderly Conduct said...

oh, how i love you, katherine! thank you!!! the yogurt makes it easier!

:) nice halo, by the way! ha!

ok, i am amazed by how much i have paced in the kitchen the last two days! i am literally breaking an addiction. crazy! and sad! here's to living cleanly!

now if i can just stop that one diet coke i haven't been able to break. ugh!

70 and gorgeous here today! try and keep me inside! i dare you!

Will said...

Thanks Katherine! I know the guy who got us the tray. He's in is 70's so I don't think blogging is an everyday occurrence. How's married life? Our day is approaching. 13 days to be exact. Crazy. Wasn't it just the other day I was single and having mid twenties crisis conversations with you. God is good.

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