Saturday, March 8, 2008

2 Days to Say Your Good-byes

Say good-bye. Good-bye to the Thin Mints. Good-bye to the dark chocolate Easter M&M's. Good-bye to all that is sugary and chocolately and artificially energizing/hormone-relieving/mood-enhancing/sinfully delicious.

Say hello. Hello to the carrots. To the salmon. To the Greek salad with tuna. To Blueberry smoothies. Lots of thirst-quenching water. Hello to all that is pure and nutritious and naturally energizing, hormone-balancing, mood-enhancing, & perfectly delicious.

In 2 short days, we will be putting aside sugary cereals, soft drinks, white bread, even processed energy bars. We will be picking up a plate and hitting the salad bar. Picking up dumbbells and working our biceps. And picking up a new way of life for the spring.

Lots of you have expressed interest in coming along. You have two days. Clean out your frig, cabinets, and mostly, your mindset. Grocery shop for the freshest of foods, and pull out your running shoes. We will kick off the 7 Days for Spring Fitness Challenge on Monday morning, bright and early.

P.S. - If you have questions, let me know. I am no expert but maybe I can help. Or post your question so someone else may be able to help. One common question: wheat bread is not necessarily good - seek to avoid "enriched wheat flour" on the ingredient list and go for "whole-grain" instead.


Simply Me Art said...

we have a 1/4 of a box of thin mints left in our freezer. I swear I have only had one from the three I bought...

Beloved said...

I will try that line with my husband. I was actually planning to pin our mostly empty box on the out-of-town company I had this weekend. How terrible am I! (Sorry, Rach and Jac!)

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