Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last weekend, Dean and I headed up to Boston, Massachusetts. It was a first for me. Dean had been there a handful of times, but by the look on his face as we toured around, it struck him with its beauty all over again.

There are dark, beautiful, historic buildings everywhere, with long-established educational institutions on every corner (Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Berklee College of Music, and many more). Our hotel was directly beside the campus of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Think Kevin Spacey & the brilliant card-counting students in the recent movie "21".)

But best of all, the city is on the water!

(Credit for this image.)

We took a run one morning over one of these scenic bridges over Charles River that connects Cambridge to downtown Boston. Beautiful!

However, the purpose of this trip was not primarily to see the city. We had come for the memorial service of Dean's 'stepdad'. (He was married to Dean's mom for most of his childhood, and will always be remembered for raising her children like they were his own. )

This is a relative's authentic Bostonian home, where we gathered to prepare for the service.

This is Josh, Dean's brother. Dean's stepdad was his 'real' dad, and he looks so much like him. We had the opportunity to go through old pictures and reminisce together.

An interesting note: Stepdad was a gifted singer, recording with his own album reminiscent of Frank Sinatra. We discovered that when Stepdad performed in Vegas during his youth, he opened for Jimmy Durante!

This is Josh's wife, sweet sis-in-law. She was a Rock of support to Josh and all of the family.
Dean getting a haircut from our cousin Denise.

The service went well, and both Dean and Josh shared from the heart about the blessing of their Dad. Afterwards, we went out with the whole family...everyone was new to me but felt like instantaneous blood...I like that about Dean's family...

Denise, Jason (He is Josh's nephew, can you imagine?), and Jacquie.

Everyone! A whole lot of love...Stepdad brought everyone together one last time at his death.

On our night downtown, Dean, Josh, Jacquie, and I discovered Boston's Little Italy...
Uh Oh....
A street lined with beautiful Italian restaurants, espresso cafes, gelato, and...

Hundreds of Italian pastries!!!!!

I decided on tiramisu AND a husband rightly predicted I would make myself feel sick...

He told me he was so HAPPY in this pastry shop!! We all were...
Vist Mike's Pastry's website: there is a glossary of all the Italian pastries!!

Look them up on Hanover Street when in Boston! We liked this Little Italy (Italian neighborhood) better than its counterparts in New York and Chicago!

Everyone enjoyed each other so, we know it won't be the last time we pack a bag and head to Boston.

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