Sunday, August 10, 2008

For the Love of the House

Hi, Friends! I haven't kept you as up to date as I would like...I have been busy adding more 'feminine touches' to our home (formerly his home). I am having so much fun decorating our house! I am not quite ready to show you the Before-the-Wife and After-the-Wife House Tour pictures, but we are getting close :) In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the projects that I (we) have been working on.

The first good news is that I have finally been able to introduce my husband to the joys of yard sales!! He thought I was crazy before, but after running across two great sales this weekend, he is starting to be hooked. I can't say what he bought though...he may be planning to give it to one of you for Christmas! Ha! Here are my treasures...

These pretty fleur de lis sconces will be the latest addition to the animal print master bathroom.

These finials make me so happy...just knowing that I will discover the perfect home for them somewhere in our house.
Oops, this image is sideways. These are a few of the black and white plates that will be hanging in the black/white guest room along with the collage of old family pictures! (Dean's Dad, if you read this, we would love to have a few old pictures of your family to add to the collage. Pics of Dean's grandparents or even great-grandparents, if you have any!)

Then for $4, I found this plate hangar at a yard sale! Perfect, after a coat of black spray paint.

These were a few dollars a piece at this awesome Ballard Designs furniture warehouse I discovered!! I love the square hand towel holder. So unique.

They are meant to look antique...

Which will be perfect for the guest bathroom since we're using the old black/white pictures theme.

This next project: I found this small baker's rack at Ross Dress for Less, no less!

And spray painted it black. It's amazing what a can of black spray paint can do!
It is now waiting to greet you at the top of the stairs when you come by to visit us...

Lastly, here is a peek into the master bathroom. Over the garden tub we put our favorite pictures of us with our wedding party.

Animal print-ish frames, of course...and when I found this lamp, you know I fell in love!!

I love to turn off the bright overhead lights and switch this one on in the evenings. (It gives a soft light, which is hard to tell from this picture.) It is peaceful and calming after a long day.

We are having a great time redressing our home...stay tuned for the before and after tour. It is coming, I promise. In the meantime, how are you? Do you have any home projects you are working on?
P.S.- I am on the lookout for another yard sale partner. My current one (husband) will only hit yard sales after 10 AM...way too late for the good stuff! All early-rising, coffee-drinking, Craigs List-scouting, Mapquest-following, bargain-hunting and thrifty females should apply!

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