Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter is Here

Last night, I went outside to water the plants. Apparently, I was too late. I gasped in horror and started to recount how many days had passed since I paid the hanging plants a visit with my gas station jumbo-sized plastic cup of water. Surely not THAT many...

Then, I saw my breath and remembered. We are having a cold snap, we are under a freezing warning, we're enduring a break-out-the-gloves-AND-scarf kind of week. And now my plants are dead!?
This is my first ever home that I (we) own, with my first ever porch with real live hanging plants. I even picked the plants out to match the living room since you can see them through the windows! (I can't help it; I am obsessed with decorating.)

It's my first time. I never knew that beautiful hanging plants are KILLED when the first 20 degree winter wind comes blowing on their little branches. I feel so guilty. Like I left my babies out to be frozen to death, while we huddled inside under extra blankets, sipping hot tea and cranking the heat so high we had to use a humidifier to keep our skin from turning to leather.

Poor Babies!

What little surprises has winter brought your way?

1 comment:

Heather said...

well...i also have a penchant for killing plants. they're inside, "safely" protected from weather, but when i forget to water them, it has the same effect. i think i've given up on plants ...

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