Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a Newlywed Anymore...

One year ago today, I awakened before the sun. My heart began to race as I realized what Day it was. Soon after, Julie arrivedto transport me across town to the salon, where she supplied me with coffee, pastries, and chirpy conversation while I sat nervously in the chair and began the transformation. 1,000 bobby pins, a bottle of hairspray, and a veil later, we raced to the church, where my best friends were milling around excitedly. One by one, red dresses filled the bridal room, plus a 6-year old angel in a white dress and crown made of flowers. My mother and lifelong best friend helped me into a white dress of my own and fastened me in tight. Then with a basking glow of motherly and sisterly pride, they released me to the flashes of the camera.

Before I knew it, I was hiding behind a big oak door, listening to the music fill the sanctuary and taking deep breaths. It was really happening. I joined my Daddy on his arm and we drifted down the aisle. My Beloved was waiting there for me. At that moment, I embarked on a beautiful journey.

It has been a special year of companionship, romance, excitement, travel, and laughter. We have also endured family heartache and the stresses of life. But being in it together makes all the difference. Knowing that you have found that partner...

...a friend to talk to each night over dinner.

...a playmate to giggle with each morning over toothpaste.

...a traveling companion for the long flights and roadtrips.

...a voice of reason and steady wisdom.

...a calming voice on the other end of the line.

In his book The Mystery of Marriage Mike Mason writes, "We are not simply moving in with someone we think would be fun to live with. Rather, we are giving our prior assent to a whole chain reaction of trials, decisions, transformations, and personal cataclysms that, once they are done with us, may leave us not only changed almost beyond recognition, but marked nearly as deeply as by a religious conversion. And this is just as it ought to be."

Today, on our first wedding anniversary, I thank God for his gracious gift of marriage and all the ways it has and will surely mark my life for His purposes. Dean, Honey, I love you dearly and cannot wait to share many more beautiful years together.

(One year ago last our rehearsal dinner. )


Heather said...

Beautiful post, Katherine! You describe the day so vividly ... and the year spent with your man. Happy one year!!! love, Heather

Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you and for Dean. Y'all make a beautiful couple!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on 1 year! And it will be even better in 5 and in 10 and so on! Choose to remain a newlywed! :)

Katie B said...

woo hoo! excited for ya'll... miss you and hope to see you so so soon!
love you!

Hajost Family said...

Happy 1 year anniversary - only 99 to go, :)! You look amazing and so in love and happy and I wish you both the happiest life together!

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